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Together we have over 55 Salesforce certifications, over 20 years of implementation experience and experience in various projects (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, Customer Service).

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Audit, startegy and planning

We will analyse the existing performance of your Salesforce instance. We will lay out a strategy and plan its implementation.

Streamlining the Salesforce department

We can help with recruitment, vetting and setting up internal processes. Everything you need to improve the performance of your team.

Specialised training

We'll help train your team in using the latest solutions. We'll show you how to get the most out of Salesforce.

Get to know our team

Frontend Expert

Wojciech Skrobek

Over 6 years in IT, 4 years in Salesforce (started in .NET), works as Lead/Senior Developer and architect, currently holds 15 Salesforce certifications.

A computer lover who, however, chose mechanical engineering as his field of study. After two years as an engineer, he started all over again in IT and after hundreds of hours of study, tens of thousands of lines of code written, today he works as a Salesforce Architect and helps others get on that path.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by computers. At first, I used them almost exclusively for gaming, but over time I started to be interested in what was inside. This is when my adventure with Linux began. It was quite bumpy at the beginning, because at that time the internet was not yet as widespread as it is today. However, thanks to this, I learnt to dig around for solutions on my own, and today, in retrospect, I can say that such inquisitiveness is one of the most important skills in IT.

Despite spending a lot of time with a computer, I chose mechanics and mechanical engineering as my course of study. Why? I didn't want to spend my days at a desk staring at a monitor screen, and I thought that as a mechanical engineer I would be able to avoid this. I was wrong, of course. After graduating and starting work, it turned out that engineers also spend all day at their desks staring at monitor screens.

After two years as a mechanical engineer, I felt it was time to get back to what gives me the most satisfaction - programming. I decided to re-invent myself. Of course, it took me a few months to find a job because no one wanted to hire someone without a degree and experience (and no one had heard of bootcamps back then). However, I finally succeeded and got my first job in IT as a C# programmer.

After a year and a half it was time for another change and it was then that I started working with Salesforce. From the very beginning, I was very positively surprised by how many possibilities this platform offers and how quickly you can develop in this technology. Over time, it became apparent that Salesforce is also one of the fastest growing technologies and the demand for specialists in this field is constantly increasing.

That's why join our Salesforce Ohana today and sign up for a course!

Over 6 years in IT, with 4 years in Salesforce (started in .NET), working as a...

Integration Expert

Jakub Kalke

5 years experience with the Salesforce platform, over 8 years in leading projects and managing teams. Works daily as a solution architect and currently holds 16 certifications.

An engineer, a master's degree, a PhD in mechanical engineering, dozens of hours of paid industry courses, hundreds of hours of study at university, thousands of torn-out hairs to finally drop it all and start completely from scratch in IT. I went from a low-key junior looking for a job in Java, to a solution architect in Salesforce working with some of the biggest Polish and global companies.

In theory, it seemed simple. I passed my baccalaureate exams, moved to Warsaw and got a degree at the elite Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It's great, I'm doing an engineer, a master's degree, a doctorate. In the meantime, I have a lot of fun in scientific circles (where I met Tomek, Wojtek and Maks), we build racing cars, we compete in international competitions, we do interesting research grants. After all, at any time I can apply for a very well-paid job in an international corporation related to energy. That was the case when I started my studies. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the job market for engineers started to deteriorate significantly, and the company of my dreams, instead of constantly doubling its staff year on year, suddenly started laying people off! I finished my studies with a doctorate, a few specialist courses and no company in Poland willing to pay me decently for my education.

Fortunately, I had to use engineering tools when processing research results, where I managed to write (or rather cobble together from code copied from Stack Overflow) scripts in VBA or Matlab. I locked myself away for 3 months with Java books and started applying to companies. I thought - bloody hell, everyone is looking for people in IT nowadays. Well, yes, but not juniors then. The interviews were very mediocre, none of my friends had any experience in the industry, nobody wanted to hire me. I only got an offer from a Salesforce implementation company - the offer said that they were looking for people with Java, but in general they would accept those who were open to learning because it's a specific tool and you don't need a degree or a lot of experience. This is still the case today - there is a place for everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem!

I started my career at a time when there were no bootcamps, courses, Salesforce Traileads platform or Polish community. It was painful (and often sitting after hours) to find out what to do and how to do it, digging through residual information on the internet or poring over documentation. Today, getting started is easier, but I fully understand the problems of beginners and the lack of knowledge of where to start.

I convinced and helped several friends to move to Salesforce after their engineering studies - today none of them regret it, and Tom, Maks and Wojtek are here with me today to help you. But, are they only engineers? My wife graduated in dietetics, successfully changed industries after a few months of on-the-job training and today works as a regular business consultant for one of Poland's largest chemical companies.

My mission is to help you enter the world of Salesforce, even if you have done something completely different before and think that the legendary IT world is not for you. It is for you, welcome!

5 years experience with Salesforce platform, over 8 years in project leadership and team management....

Backend Expert

Tomasz Banaszek

Almost 4 years in Salesforce as a consultant and developer with extensive hands-on experience with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud and Einstein Bots. He currently holds 7 Salesforce certifications.

When I encountered a short subject related to IT during my studies, I was sure that working in IT was something completely not for me. After two years as an aeronautical engineer, I was forced to look for a new job - for lack of offers, I started to consider the IT industry. Six months later I was writing my first lines of code in Salesforce, and today I work in a development role.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by aviation - and it was with this industry that I was setting my future. I consistently made life choices until one day I became a student of aviation. Among the various subjects in my first year of university, there was also Computer Science, and this brief exposure to the subject left me convinced that programming was something I never wanted to do in my life. My studies coincided with a major development in unmanned aviation (so-called 'drones'), which made the mood all the more positive.
It was not long before the wave of enthusiasm for 'drones' dropped somewhat, and so did the number of job offers.
Browsing through well-known recruitment sites, the plethora of IT-related offers was increasingly striking.
The thought slowly germinated in me that perhaps I should revise my belief in the industry after all.
I considered various technologies looking for one that was open to people without a degree. You could say I was lucky - because a couple of friends recommended Salesforce to me as a technology that is relatively young in Poland, but growing every day. And so I started to bite into the subject, mainly with the help of Salesforce Trailheads. It wasn't long before I understood the ecosystem as it were, and started working as a junior-developer.
Today, some time has passed since these events - and I am richer with several passed certifications, a dozen completed projects, and dozens of new issues I had to learn during this time. Looking back, choosing Salesforce was a shot in the arm, because there is room for people with very different aptitudes and skills. My only regret is that I delayed my first step into the IT industry for so long.

Almost 4 years at Salesforce as a consultant and developer with extensive hands-on experience with Sales...

Backend Expert

Maksymilian Wiernicki

Almost 4 years in Salesforce as a developer, holds 11 Salesforce certifications. Works daily with Lightning Platform, Apex language, Lightning Web Components and REST/SOAP integrations.

Thanks to Salesforce, I've 'fallen on four paws' and I'm doing a job I genuinely love, alongside people who are among the best in the world at what they do, and it's a unique adventure.

"What a grim absurdity to have your life decided at a young age when you are a moron (...)."

The above quote may sound familiar to you. "Dzień świra" is, after all, one of the more colourful Polish films of recent decades. However, this sentence quite aptly describes my educational path.

Like many people, I got through high school, went to university driven by my dreams and didn't get too wrapped up in reality. I lived under the illusion that a mechanical engineer was none other than an inventor who moved around a hall full of amazing machines in a white lab coat every day, made breakthroughs in his laboratory and at the end of the day was wallowing in the luxuries of royalties from patents. I can loyally warn you. No. This is not how it looks.

So six years after graduating from high school, I was at my starting point. I hadn't had much exposure to programming, which I didn't understand and was afraid of. I got through a few online courses however this was not enough to get any work or even an internship.

I got involved with Salesforce by complete accident, thanks to friends. Right from the start, I was positively surprised by how many people around me had also 'converted'. In retrospect, I can see that this is no coincidence. After all, this platform is the ideal way to enter the IT world. Of course, the principle "Easy to play - hard to master" applies here. However, for someone starting out in a completely new place, I very much appreciated that I was able to co-create modern, secure and functional applications from the very first days. I was not a cog in the machine. I saw the value and the end result of my work

I sometimes joke that IT jobs should be rationed, with only people allowed in who have done a mandatory internship in another industry. It could be engineering, construction, auditing, commerce, literally anything else. Why? Only then can it be fully appreciated and one can see what a gulf separates this industry from others.

If you're reading this then you probably already meet the first requirement. Drop by the course and see for yourself what your dream job looks like!

Almost 4 years in Salesforce as a developer, holds 11 Salesforce certifications. Works on a daily basis...

Account Manager

Arek Janik

I am happy to listen to your needs and together we will find the best solution for you and your organisation.

I am happy to listen to your needs and together we will find the best solution for you and your organisation.

Social Media Manager

Aneta Borońska

Funny and creative, she always rises to the occasion. A perfect example of how to stand firmly on the ground with your head in the clouds. She makes sure to strike a balance between professionalism, humour and brand messages on social media.

Fun and creative, she always rises to the occasion. A perfect example of how with your head....

Who we are and howwe started 

We are a group of friends brought together by Salesforce. We have spent a lot of time together working in this technology. For years, we have been continuously helping companies around the world to run and grow their business, using the platform. We see huge potential in this area!

Today, we're helping people grow in Salesforce technology - both those who want to develop their skills and those who just want to get on that path. In doing so, we've gathered a unique experience and we thought you'd want to take advantage of it.
Years of experience
Over the years in consulting, we have successfully trained others - both junior colleagues in the company and employees at clients.
We have walked the path that you have
We have gone through the retraining process ourselves and know how to help others do so. Each of us started in a different industry from IT.
We know the challenges
When implementing Salesforce with clients, we noticed that there was a lack of people with the right skills, a solid transfer of knowledge to and within the organisation.

What they say customers

93% B2B customers would recommend us as a first recommendation
The guys will make an admin out of the biggest IT ignoramus :) They are available practically 24/7, answer questions, help with homework, suggest how to solve possible problems.
Super course, highly recommended! It took commitment to complete the tasks from the project, but it gave me a lot of experience and I easily passed my first Salesforce Administrator certification.
Recommended. The course consists of both theory and practice. It requires a lot of work on your own, but you are always supported by instructors who are substantive and helpful. During the course you create your own project, which allows you to translate theory into practical knowledge. It simulates the work of an administrator.
I went to the training for Technical Consultant / Admin out of curiosity and already in the middle of it I received a sensational job offer !!! In the coming weeks I will be starting new career in IT. The well-thought-out scope of the material and the numerous practical tasks during the course were a great success.
Highly recommended! Interesting lectures and a lot of knowledge, conveyed in a very accessible way. At each stage of the course, you could also count on the support and assistance of the trainers.
A course at the highest level! No boring lectures, and you listen to guest speakers who love what they do. It's probably the first time you'll ever hear a question (because it's the first time I've ever heard it) from a tutor about what you want to do after the course, because they also want to help you find a job.... And that's what it's all about!
The course is taught by experienced experts and, above all, passionate about the solutions provided by Salesforce. Today, I recommend the course to people who are interested in changing industries and are planning to enter the world of IT.