Outplacement with letsjoin.cloud is a service designed to help organisations responsibly and ethically manage the process of downsizing a team. Our approach focuses on providing employees who need to leave the company with new, valuable competencies in the labour market.
  1. When faced with a team downsizing, it is important to take care of employees in a way that supports their future career. Our outplacement service at letsjoin.cloud offers comprehensive support in this difficult process. We offer:


  • A personalised approach: we understand the unique challenges of each organisation and the employees affected by the reduction. Our consultations will help you understand your needs and plan the best course of action.
  • Competency development: We focus on giving employees new skills that will make them more attractive in the job market, especially in the area of Salesforce's growing solutions.
  • Support during a difficult time: Our outplacement programme is designed to help employees go through the change process with dignity and confidence.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation. During the meeting, we will discuss your plans to downsize your team, the time horizon of the project and the skills of the people to be targeted in order to prepare the best outplacement proposal for your organisation.

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