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"Salesforce Technical Recruitment" from is a service dedicated to organisations that are implementing or have already implemented Salesforce and want to build their own team of specialists. Our team will help you verify the technical expertise of candidates and select the best professionals for your organisation.
  1. Building a Salesforce team without the right technical competence within an organisation can be a challenge. Our 'Salesforce Technical Recruitment' service is designed to support companies in this process at every stage. We offer four levels of support:

Defining the composition of the team: Based on an analysis of your company and Salesforce instance, we will propose the optimal team composition by role.

Verification of the content of the announcement: We will tailor the content of your recruitment advertisement to attract the right candidates, in line with market and technological realities.

Review of CV / LinkedIn profile / candidate repository: We will help you vet candidates at the application document review stage, recommending who should move on to the next stage.

Technical verification of the candidate: We will conduct a technical interview with the candidate to provide you with a detailed recommendation on their competences and potential areas for development.

Benefit from our experience and expertise to build an effective and competent Salesforce team. Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your recruitment needs.

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