Salesforce Academy

"Your Salesforce Academy is the ideal solution for organisations looking to build or develop Salesforce competencies among their employees. Whether you want to train existing employees or recruit new ones and teach them from scratch, our academy is for you.
  1. The introduction and development of Salesforce in an organisation requires a strategic approach and long-term planning. "Your Salesforce Academy" offers a comprehensive solution to build Salesforce technical competence among employees, both those already familiar with the business and new recruits. Our approach includes:
  • Analyse your organisation's needs and plans: We will discuss your Salesforce goals and identify the needs of the team.
  • Internal competence development: We will help your employees gain Salesforce technical knowledge, which will contribute to their professional development and increase their commitment to the organisation.
  • Recruit and train new talent: We will propose a strategy for recruiting and training new employees to quickly become valuable members of your Salesforce team.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation. During the meeting, we will discuss your challenges and needs and then offer a customised solution for your organisation.

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