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Re-skilling the team

Planning to make the switch to Salesforce technology but worried about your team's competence? You don't have to worry about that anymore! letsjoin.cloud is ready to help you introduce your employees to the world of Salesforce, whether you are currently using SAP CRM, Microsoft Dynamics or another system.

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Outplacement with letsjoin.cloud is a service designed to help organisations responsibly and ethically manage the process of downsizing a team. Our approach focuses on providing employees who need to leave the company with new, valuable competencies in the labour market.

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Your Salesforce Academy

"Your Salesforce Academy is the ideal solution for organisations looking to build or develop Salesforce competencies among their employees. Whether you want to train existing employees or recruit new ones and teach them from scratch, our academy is for you.

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Recruitment support

"Salesforce Technical Recruitment" from letsjon.cloud is a service dedicated to organisations that are implementing or have already implemented Salesforce and want to build their own team of specialists. Our team will help you verify the technical expertise of candidates and select the best professionals for your organisation.

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"Salesforce Mentoring" is our specialised service aimed at Salesforce business owners (Product Owners) and people in various roles in their organisations (Business Analyst, Administrator, Consultant, Developer, Solution Expert) who want to develop their Salesforce skills and knowledge, as well as those responsible for working with a Salesforce implementation partner.

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Dedicated training programmes

Our dedicated Salesforce training is the ideal solution for companies looking for personalised training programmes. If standard training doesn't meet your needs, we offer programmes tailored to your team's unique needs, taking into account the specifics of your Salesforce instance.

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The guys will make an admin out of the biggest IT ignoramus :) They are available practically 24/7, answer questions, help with homework, suggest how to solve possible problems.
Super course, highly recommended! It took commitment to complete the tasks from the project, but it gave me a lot of experience and I easily passed my first Salesforce Administrator certification.
Recommended. The course consists of both theory and practice. It requires a lot of work on your own, but you are always supported by instructors who are substantive and helpful. During the course you create your own project, which allows you to translate theory into practical knowledge. It simulates the work of an administrator.
I went to the training for Technical Consultant / Admin out of curiosity and already in the middle of it I received a sensational job offer !!! In the coming weeks I will be starting new career in IT. The well-thought-out scope of the material and the numerous practical tasks during the course were a great success.
Highly recommended! Interesting lectures and a lot of knowledge, conveyed in a very accessible way. At each stage of the course, you could also count on the support and assistance of the trainers.
A course at the highest level! No boring lectures, and you listen to guest speakers who love what they do. It's probably the first time you'll ever hear a question (because it's the first time I've ever heard it) from a tutor about what you want to do after the course, because they also want to help you find a job.... And that's what it's all about!
The course is taught by experienced experts and, above all, passionate about the solutions provided by Salesforce. Today, I recommend the course to people who are interested in changing industries and are planning to enter the world of IT.