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4x2h or 2x4h
Visual Studio Code, SFDX, Git
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Advanced Apex Testing

With the training you will learn how to build test data efficiently, how to make Unit Tests, instead of taking 3 hours, test the same thing in just 15 minutes and how to mount data. The training will show you in a practical way how to start rebuilding your Unit Tests. You will also learn tricks from our trainers on how to solve the most common problems.

What will you learn?

  • Types of tests and their specificity in Apex - unit tests vs. functional tests
  • Real UT in apex - why are most tests in apex FT and how to change this?
  • Mocking - what can and cannot be fixed in apex
  • Mocking with stub
  • How do you move from the 'old' unit tests to the new ones?
  • Data factories and other "appendages" - how to build them scalably
  • Comprehensive testing of other automations
  • Tips & Tricks or frequently encountered problems
  • Practical examples (copy-paste-adjust)

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