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Visual Studio Code + plugins, SFDX, Git, Bitbucket/Github/Gitlab
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Enterprise Release Management

Thanks to the training, you will know how to propose a suitable sandbox landscape depending on the available licences, when and how to use Scratch Orgs, how to build yourself a suitable pipeline and how to deploy translations/labels/profiles effectively.

What will you learn?

  • How to plan and implement proper release-management
  • Salesforce instances (Prod/Full Copy/Partial Copy/Dev Pro/Dev) vs Scratch Org vs Git vs use case
  • What is DX at scale
  • How to build a CI/CD on bitbucket pipelines (or github/gitlab)
  • Git-flow vs trunk-based
  • Salesforce DevOps Center
  • What is Source Tracking
  • Profiles - how to manage access
  • Folder structure in the repository
  • Practical examples (copy-paste-adjust)

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