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We launch on 6 November 2023
  • then the first modules and tasks will appear
You can join until 12 November 2023
  • after that it will be hard to catch up!
Classes are conducted in Polish
  • We will familiarise you with the English Salesforce interface and its technical documentation
  • B2 level English (reading documentation) highly recommended
Book 10-12 hours per week
  • Then within 3 months you will have covered all the planned theoretical material
  • Over the next month you will complete the project and prepare to pass it
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Why Salesforce?

There are a wide variety of technologies in the IT world. Since we are encouraging you to take an interest in Salesforce, we should make a solid case for why it is a good decision. Here they are:
You don't have to be a programmer to work in IT! Business software development is not just about colloquial 'coding'. The system has to respond to the needs and problems of the business, and these are best understood by people who know the business "inside out".
88% Fortune 100 companies use Salesforce! It is a global leader in business platforms, trusted by the world's largest companies. As a result, it has become a kind of standard, synonymous with a system for sales, CRM (customer relationship management) and a modern customer-centric approach, which we look after across multiple channels (omnichannel).
CRM software is becoming increasingly popular - there's a shortage of hands! With each passing year, more and more companies are recognising the need to move elements of their business to the cloud. The demand for specialists is increasingly apparent
I'm in!

What they do administrators i consultants Salesforce?


Implement innovation by automating business processes, support users in their daily work. You will make your team work better and more efficiently.

Administrators are also in charge of maintaining the platform - resolving reported issues, making sure everything is working according to the company's goals. For smaller companies, this can be a stand-alone role, while for larger companies, Administrators are part of a team consisting of Developers, Consultants, Architects.

  • working with decision-makers to understand business requirements
  • working with declarative functionalities to adapt Salesforce capabilities
  • management of users, accesses, assigned roles
  • Maintaining the platform by resolving reported issues, adapting existing solutions to new versions of Salesforce

Your job will be to translate business requirements into tangible solutions and improvements. With the help of the Salesforce platform, you will help achieve customer success by bridging the gap between business problems and technical solutions.

Technical consultants configure advanced Salesforce functionality and automate processes in a declarative way. They are not afraid of complex business processes and can build integrations in a declarative way. 

  • working with decision-makers to understand business requirements
  • working with advanced declarative functionalities to adapt Salesforce capabilities
  • Maintaining the platform by resolving reported issues, adapting existing solutions to new versions of Salesforce

What they look like earnings?

As a Consultant, you will translate business requirements into tangible solutions and improvements. With the help of the Salesforce platform, you will help achieve customer success by bridging the gap between business problems and technical solutions.

In the US, the average salary of a consultant and developer is in the order of $110k, a good consultant is worth as much as a good developer! It is a myth that only developers in IT earn well.

In Poland, depending on the city and pathway, you can count on PLN 4,000 - 7,000 net B2B for junior positions.

Regular level positions are as low as PLN 8,000 - 20,000 net B2B - and you can reach that level in as little as 1-1.5 years!

Offers for seniors reach up to PLN 30,000 - 40,000 net B2B (when working remotely for a foreign client, you can earn even more if you like earning in $ or €)

It's for me!

Why worth joining to our course?

We provide expert knowledge and a tailored approach to support your path to success in Salesforce.
Acquisition of knowledge
  • You will learn the basics of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud and Lightning Platform within the more than 30 hours of short and substantive recordings. You will have access to the recordings and all learning materials/platforms for up to 12 months!
  • Quizzes pabout each chapter and additional material help consolidate your knowledge
  • You can work at your own pace with the possibility to take private notes and track progress
  • As part of your own work, you will process more than 100 hours high quality materials and homework



Exchanging and expanding knowledge
  • We will invite you to a closed group on Slack with mentors and the student and alumni community - you will find on-going support for homework, as well as information on recruitment or cooperation opportunities
  • You will receive a dedicated learning path on the Trailhead platform
  • You will meet us at weekly Q&A sessionsduring which our mentors will answer questions gathered during the week live. Sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to join, you will be able to ask an offline question and listen to the answers at a later date.
Practical competence
  • You will learn about the tools used on a daily basis: Slack (for communication), Jira (for the management of the so-called project backlog), Zoom/Google Meet (for video conferencing) and various browser plug-ins
  • We will teach you how to set up and configure your own Jirahow to import a project backlog, work with this backlog and monitor your progress
  • Get individual project credit final with professional feedback (completion of the project is required to obtain a certificate)
  • Once the project is passed, we will send you certificate of completion
Security and trust
  • We are an official Salesforce Partner and we support it in the development of the ecosystem by providing courses and training through the Workforce Partner Program and consulting activities
  • This is the 4th edition of the course and many of our trainees have successfully re-branded themselves and work with Salesforce on a daily basis
  • You have 14 days from the start of the course to withdraw from the contract and receive a full refund without giving any reason
  • We came to Salesforce from totally different industries - we are living proof that it is possible. In doing so, we have gathered a unique experience and thought it might be of use to you!
  • We focus on practical knowledge and skills

Take advantage of offers and build a project

As we move through the base course, we will embark on a final project that is a full-fledged Salesforce implementation that you can confidently show off during a recruitment interview!

  • The result will be a working online shop based on the Salesforce platform, running on 3 clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Experience Cloud.
  • We will work on the project 'for real' - with the backlog, on tickets in Jira, on our own Salesforce instances.
  • We will build the shop from the very beginning of the course - you will learn how to build a data model (data model) in Salesforce, create it for the project, learn how to do automations, implement them in the shop, learn how to send emails, add them in the order handling process.
  • The shop will be available to the public (you can show it off).
  • The deadline for passing the project to obtain a certificate of completion is five months from the start of the course.

 Administrator / Consultant

Don't delay and smoothly enter the IT world, gain expertise, meet people like you and develop your career in the halls of a growing industry.

Find answers to your questions.

Clear your doubts by reading the FAQ below.
  • Yes, we issue VAT invoices. You can enter your invoice details when placing your order.

  • Usually - yes. Courses and training courses are included in the cost of the business if they are necessary to make money - after all, you buy the course to make money once you have acquired new skills. Of course - confirm this with your accountant(s).

  • Yes, you have 14 days from the start of the course to cancel the contract and get a full refund without giving a reason (until 20.11.2023).

  • The course is conducted in Polish. Some materials and aids are only available in English, so in order to participate in the course it is advisable to know English at a level that allows you to read the documentation freely.

  • Sure! The moment you receive funding from your company we will refund your money and issue a new invoice to the company.

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You keep wondering whether to us attach?

Find out the opinions of participants in previous editions
The guys will make an admin out of the biggest IT ignoramus :) They are available practically 24/7, answer questions, help with homework, suggest how to solve possible problems.
Super course, highly recommended! It took commitment to complete the tasks from the project, but it gave me a lot of experience and I easily passed my first Salesforce Administrator certification.
Recommended. The course consists of both theory and practice. It requires a lot of work on your own, but you are always supported by instructors who are substantive and helpful. During the course you create your own project, which allows you to translate theory into practical knowledge. It simulates the work of an administrator.
I went to the training for Technical Consultant / Admin out of curiosity and already in the middle of it I received a sensational job offer !!! In the coming weeks I will be starting new career in IT. The well-thought-out scope of the material and the numerous practical tasks during the course were a great success.
Highly recommended! Interesting lectures and a lot of knowledge, conveyed in a very accessible way. At each stage of the course, you could also count on the support and assistance of the trainers.
A course at the highest level! No boring lectures, and you listen to guest speakers who love what they do. It's probably the first time you'll ever hear a question (because it's the first time I've ever heard it) from a tutor about what you want to do after the course, because they also want to help you find a job.... And that's what it's all about!
The course is taught by experienced experts and, above all, passionate about the solutions provided by Salesforce. Today, I recommend the course to people who are interested in changing industries and are planning to enter the world of IT.

 Administrator / Consultant

Don't delay and enter the IT world smoothly, gain expert knowledge, meet people like you and develop your career in the halls of a growing industry.